HTML Completion Shortkeys


One thing I’m really missing in Atom is a command to create and edit HTML elements on the fly. In Sublime, that was shift+opt+w. It makes life sooooooo easy for writing HTML tags.

Yes, I know HAML and Emblem and HAMLbars are all cool and stuff, but sometimes we still have to write plain old boring HTML tags.


Emmet does what you’re after I think. It expands abbreviations:


+TAB becomes

   <p class="intro"><img src="" alt="" class="avatar"></p>


This works great! Sadly, only in HTML files. Does not work in files without this extension. I haven’t written directly into an HTML file in years, so this is not helpful at all.


It works in ERB files for me. Haven’t tested anything else yet. Of course languages like HAML would need something different.