HTML completion not entirely fixed in 1.22


Better than in the 1.21 betas, but still spotty. For example hx, p, ul, ol are autocompleted correctly, but for strong and a, though they pop up in the menu, they autocompletion just inserts “strong” or “a”, not the tag



I can see no problem:

  1. Atom V1.22.0
  2. Atom V1.23-Beta0
  3. Atom V1.22.0 in safe mode

What I did was:

  1. Open a new empty page.
  2. Select grammar = HTML (right corner)
  3. Start typing strong or a and then press ENTER or TAB.
    Typing strong completely and then ENTER or TAB, works too.
    Typing `strong and then press SPACE, does not work.

Do you perhaps more details on how you do it and what happens.
Thank you.


Right - with some more testing, I find that all is well if there is no character after the cursor. So:

… strong</p> results in … strong</p>

… strong </p> results in … <strong></strong> </p>

Same for 1.22 and 1.23 beta 0