Html-code not saved


I’m starting a webb programming course in august and I’m completely new to coding.

I just opened my project in Atom to continue where I left off two days ago.
I made an extern stylesheet with html code on the left side and css code on the right side.
I saved my project with ctrl+s.
Now there is only css code left. The atom file ends with .css but the chrome file ends with .html. The chrome file is the same as it was when I shut down my computer two days ago.
How can i avoid this issue in the future and is there any way to restore my html code?


It is always wise to have a frequent save/backup strategy for your development work. Not just in Atom but your total filesystem. I’m not sure if Ctrl+S works if the file buffer to be saved is not in focus. In your case you had two files to save. Why not apply “save all”?

For example, this recent discussion indicates that work can be lost due to power disconnection. The package local-history might protect against future loss. Regarding recovery of html is there anything in .atom/recovery folder?