HTML and JSON highlighting don't work


This is absolutely weird, but HTML and JSON highlighting don’t work in atom. Here is a screenshot
P.S. The HTML has 38453 lines and the JSON has 420947 lines, but that shouldn’t matter!


It does matter, actually. Syntax highlighting of such large files is a time-consuming process. So for large files, syntax highlighting is disabled.

Some json files open really slow

Ahhh… The old test JSON I was using was highlighting fine, but the new one wasn’t. I spent ages trying to work out why (probably longer than I should have bothered with). The new one is massive though, which explains it…

Is there any feedback for users? Maybe me and nikhilweee missed it, but it’s not something that I clocked if so.


No, there isn’t any feedback. If you have suggestions on how there could be feedback without being intrusive, please let us know :grinning:


I’m no UX whizz, but I think the Status Bar at the bottom would be a suitable place, maybe with a tooltip simply explaining the file is too large for syntax highlighting.


Thanks for the answer @leedohm. That answers the issue. BTW isn’t there something like mark answer or highlight so that your answer appears on the top? That would help the future developers having the same issue!


No, this forum is intended more for discussion than strict Q&A. We do have the FAQ category which serves as a wiki of sorts though.