Href target='_blank'


Looks like it is not possible to post link with _blank target?
As well if you type <a> and within element use underscore it will break previous html element, and looks like there is no way to escape underscore element if it were mentioned before in document.

Test examples:
normal markdown link
<a> element with target blank


Correct, that is not allowed. People get very upset if you open links in a new tab or window without their explicit consent…


It sounds contraversive, as journey through reading post, is like a branch, and clicking on link most of the time considered as branch of the user journey without affecting main journey - reading post.
But now it is “merged” in one, so if you want to discover something within link, have to do it first, and than go Back Back Back, to get back to topic.

Most people do not use right click > “Open in new Tab” - as it is extra click and targeting…

Every other website follows _blank urls, and here is different, sound like based on someone’s assumptions, but not the common practice.


There is a setting in the user preferences to open all links in a new tab. If people want that behavior, they can enable it and you don’t even have to do the extra typing :smile: