Href navigation within a SPA using vuerouter

Hi I’ve built an electron app that wraps a vuejs SPA.

In most cases the buttons within my SPA use vue-router and it all works fine, as no real navigation actually occurs.

Some of the content for the SPA comes from a CMS, so some occasionally there are hyperlinks within the content which are direct hrefs to paths within my app. e.g. “/app/page/2” in an online environment I have a catch all path set on the server, to catch the traffic, and passes it all to my index.html, which in turns processes the route, and displays the correct page.

It breaks the flow a little as the page refreshes rather than being a seamless SPA, but it works.

In Electron though clicking the hyperlink results in the page trying to navigate to a url that doesn’t exist, and I get an empty page. Instead it should be catching this path and redirecting it to the index.html which is loaded into my BrowserWindow.

Is this possible?