How viable would it be to manually copy a package?


At my place of work I can not download packages in any way. This is frustrating as I’m doing react work and there isn’t a syntax color coding in default atom.

As a result I am curious as to how viable/easy would it be to download a package at home, print out the code, and then retype it all up at work. Assuming it can be done without any odd complications, what would I need to do other then just retype it all down?

Thank you


We can’t answer that question offhand, but you can by looking at a given package. Some are simple and use one or two files to script or style Atom’s built-in behavior. Others are much more complicated and have dependencies that have other dependencies. The difference between a simple language package and a complex beast with a six-level NPM tree is one of magnitudes.

That said, if all you want is the grammar file of the atom-react package, all you’ll need is those 772 lines. A bare-bones language package can be very tiny, so that would just take a minor time investment with trivial difficulties.

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