How use tab?


I use ctrl+alt+ downkey select like:

and use* tab*,i works not correct:

I want do like this:

that tab key work correct:

How can i do?


Don’t understand. U want to delete TABs before cursor?
Or what?


I can reproduce the behavior you describe. But if you already know how to do what you want … what needs to be done?


I mean i have already use ctrl+alt+↓ select range like picture1,and then what the shortcut key to select like picture3??


Please file an Issue on with the same description of the issue.


What happens if you select the whole block (with only one cursor) and press TAB ?


yes,i use ctrl+alt+↓ select multiple lines(picture 1) and use tab key(picture 2),but it not correct indent for python ,i want indent like picture 4


Are you perhaps looking for “ctrl + ]”?


I’m sorry to be off topic but what syntax theme is that?


yeap, ctrl+] work perfect

#11 check this


Thank you.