How to work with projects


My bad! It seemed like it was a thing, thanks for clearing that up.


I like your ideas here.

Regarding the workspace “mode” (e.g. working on models, then views, etc.) I think that’s largely what tab groups are for. I typically divide Atom up into panes and collect my models in one quadrant of the screen, my views in another, etc. and I always know that a certain pane contains a type of file.

A current workaround is to only open the folder containing the files you need. So instead of opening an entire Rails app, for example, you could instead just open /app/models to work on models.


In the plans. We all want it, too, it just didn’t make the cut. Once the worst bugs get worked out it’s pretty high on the list.

Thanks for the feedback!

Per-project editor settings

I’ll be one of the first to contribute/create a package that shows open files within the project sidebar if it isn’t supported straight up. eg. If the file is open, it has a different background/color/icon in the filesystem view showing it’s indeed open. This way you could hide the tab bar entirely. Only issue would be forgetting about having too many files open :p.


Would be nice to support sublime project files while we’re at it. Converts/creates atom version on open.

Many devs use sublime and atom is obviously heavily influenced by it. There’ll probably be alot of converts and alot of existing project files as a result. Don’t make all devs recreate all projects (and their respective project-specific settings).

Something to keep in mind when writing a project package.


As all of you, I’ll really like a project-managment feature in Atom.

I tried to create a plugin to parse sublime-project files, but, currently, I have too much todo at work to dev on it these days.

But I think it’s important to make a point about the location were the project files should be saved.

Some people on this topic proposed to put the project-definition file on ~/.atom/projects, which can be logical, but I think it’s very important to be able to also keep the project-definition file where we want, specially in the project path.
That can allow to use relative paths, and also be a great feature for team working.

With our team, we store the sublime-project file inside each projects, sharing the project-configuration once and for all.


@nathansobo does it mean we shouldn’t focus on creating our plugin for that now, because it’ll be done inhouse by github?


I don’t want to discourage you from experimenting with a package, but I think this will need to be done in core to be done well. Perhaps I can be surprised though.


Also missing the projects feature, the comp made by @cliftonite looks awesome.


:+1: for project management.


Even if I really like the look of the comp from @cliftonite, practically I prefer a solution more simple like ST and his project’s folder.
That let us open multiple project at a time and seek into them…


Maybe take a look at Geany and the some system of tabs (files, projects, snippets, etc) you could config urselves within Atom. Would be able to leave out the separate project-files, because they would be part of your config instead.


The nice thing about the ST project feature was the ability to have project specific configurations. I often needed to set the search scope for projects with deeply nested resources, or exclude custom build/tmp directories for others.

This is really the last feature I have found keeping me from making the switch.


In terms of fast development this is must I think.

@clifton​ite Love you screenshots. If someone can maybe get something similar working that’s be awesome!

Being still Beta it’s the perfect time to implement something like this!


Definitely agreed this is needed. Just downloaded Atom and it’s the first thing I looked for. I’m excited to see how this comes together.


+1 to this - don’t think I’ll be using this until I can configure my projects - I have at least 30+ projects as a professional developer on my machine, and I need to be able to open the exact project I need at a moments notice. I even tried adding my root “dev” folder as my “Project Home” setting for, and I expected that to make it so that when I open, I see a tree view of my home folder on the left to allow me to browse/open my “project” folders from there, but that wasn’t the case, still had to go to “File”->“Open”->Browser to folder for project I’m working on.


If you’re using a mac you can use the Atom Alfred workflow to open open projects at a moments notice. It works well for me.


Like everyone else here I really needed some sort of project manager, but since nothing have come up yet I decided to put together my own package for it. So far it’s very basic and all you can do is save the current project and get a list of all your saved projects. As said, nothing fancy, but better than nothing I think.

I’m currently adding all the projects to the settings so you can reach them from the settings view. Best would probably be to keep the projects in a separate file, but this was a good fast solution to both let you remove a saved project, and change the path.

You can find it here if you want to try it out :slight_smile:


Likewise, if you’re using LaunchBar you can add your dev folder to the index with a shallow search scope and maybe limited to the folder type in order to not be overwhelmed by the breadth of results. Then you can just do:

activate LaunchBar (ctrl+space) -> FOLDER ABBREVIATION -> TAB -> ENTER

Atom should already be the top result if you have added your applications to the index, too. Thankfully it remembers open files.


I just installed it, and it fits my needs well! Hopping between projects in Sublime, I became a bit dependent on having the files I was working on waiting for me when I get back. Haven’t decided if I want to force myself to abandon that yet…

Nicely done, sir!