How to "watch" a category?


I’m interested in atom-shell development and would like to be notified when new topics in the atom-shell category are created. I know I can “watch” individual topics but is there something similar for whole categories?

I guess I’m really interested in the mailing list model where I see all new topic titles and can delve into things I find interesting. What would be the equivalent discourse workflow to achieve this (short of bookmarking


In your Profile preferences at the bottom of the page you’ll see the following:

(The above is my preferences where I Track all new topics … thanks for reminding me I need to add “atom-shell” to the list :laughing:)

You can add any category you like to either “Watched”, “Tracked” or “Muted” to automatically Watch, Track or Mute any new topics in that category. To my understanding, it will not be retroactive, so you’d need to go back and Watch any topics that were created before the change.

Does that help?


Why yes, it does! Just what I was looking for. Thanks.