How to view project in progress


How do i view project i am creating. I cannot see the finished result only the code.Please help¡


Atom does not have any ability to compile or run code on its own. In order to get that, you need to install the appropriate package. In order for us to tell you what you need, you need to tell us what you’re doing.


Hi, I am trying simple HTML and CSS projects and may move on to Javascript
soon.I am trying some of the tutorials in W3Schools or Khan Academy.I am
learning with my 10 year old daughter.I hope this provides clarity.Also,in
one of the projects I hope to embed a Scratch project.Thank you
Bluelion 7


There are multiple packages to preview HTML in Atom, but for the best experience, you should open it in your browser. A pane that takes up half of your Atom window is not going to be a good representative for how a browser would see it, and you can’t use the dev tools to inspect it in the same way.


Thank you but how do I view it in Chrome? Do I have to type a URL or something?


If it’s saved with the .html extension, chances are it’s already associated with Chrome. If not, just right-click it and instruct your computer to open the file with Chrome.