How to using numpy in atom?


If I type the below code in atom, it will say that I have a bug in line 4 as the matrices are not correct size (atom inserts #bug automatically). I can naturally still go ahead with this and run the code, and it will work due to broadcasting. Is there a way for atom to recognise that I want to use broadcasting functionality? or, is this just the way is should work? I am a beginner with all this, so all is new…





Atom doesn’t say anything about Python and it doesn’t know anything about Python except how to highlight the language. In order to run Python code, you have to use a community package, and in order for us to help you, we have to know which one you’re using.


Thanks! The key part for me was that Atom does not know anything about Python (or very little). The code itself runs.


Yeah, it’s an editor that can become an IDE. Before you start installing packages, it has very little knowledge of languages, so you install the packages that give it the tools you want in the language you want and Atom will support you with whatever life choices you want to make.


Have a look at this
or each individual package to make Atom aware of pythonic features.
or use ide-python if you are on Atom Beta