How to use the DownloadItem


I am new in electron and I intent to create a file downloader (mostly from http) . I notice that electron does come with download module DownloadItem, but I don’t know how to use it.

Basically the downloader just similar to Internet Download Manager, where you can download multiple files, pause, resume, delete , choose download location etc.
The problem is I have never have the desktop app development experience (I have web development background though) , I just no clue how to start, for example, I don’t know if I need a database for every item that I downloading, so that when user restart the downloader the download will resume at where it was left of the last time exit the app.
what are the methodologies used by the other downloader like Internet Download Manager, Uget etc?

Any guidance available?


Anyone? Can’t seem to find a solution on this.


The extent of your question is rather daunting. You’re not only asking how to build an Electron application, you want guidance on several aspects of the specific application you want as well. Perhaps you should start with something smaller and work your way up to this download manager application?


Yes, you are right. I am now trying down things in small parts first.
Anyway, is there any way to close/delete this topic? Since this is not an appropriate question.


Closing by request.

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