How to use require.js in electron?


I’m using the openui5 framework in my application. This delivers a require.js file. When running my application I get the following error:
Error: failed to load ‘sap/ui/thirdparty/sinon.js’ from resources/sap/ui/thirdparty/sinon-dbg.js: Error: Cannot find module './sinon/util/core‘
I debugged and noticed that inside the sinon-dbg.js a require(‚./sinon/util/core‘) is raised. Electron then does not call the require function of the delivered require.js but the one in module.js that comes with node.js.
How can tell electron to use the delivered require function?

Aren’t there other frameworks that also use require.js? How do they do the trick.
Cause require.js is used in a framework that I’m using it’s not possible to alter the call to require to e.g. requirejs as I read in the documentation of require.js.