How to use proselint?


Hi everyone,
I’m new here. How do I get linter-proselint to work? I’ve installed proselint and all of the dependencies it asks for. In the it says for dependencies “pip install proselint”, but I’m not sure where to do this (or if there are additional tools needed to do so).

Any help would be much appreciated.


pip is a package manager for Python. It comes with Python or can be installed separately. Once installed, you can run the command you mentioned in your Terminal (on Windows that’s the Command Prompt).

If you’re on Windows, here’s a video on how to install pip.


Thanks, idleberg.
I’ve figured it out. The issue was that I have both Python2.7 and Python3.7 installed. And only the latter has pip already installed, and its not in my operating system’s path, see this pip user guide.

But now I’ve got it working, in part thanks to you. Thanks!