How to use icons from Font Awesome in the project manager?



I have the project-manager package installed and this is my projects.cson file:

  title: "arch-scripts"
  paths: [
  title: ""
  paths: [
  icon: "fa-linux"
  title: "hexo-site"
  paths: [
  title: "PKGBUILDs"
  paths: [

as you can see I have included the icon “fa-linux” for the “” project. This icon is meant to be provided by Font-Awesome repo which I have cloned to ~/.atom (my Atom configuration directory). I have attempted to include Font-Awesome and its CSS styles via adding this to my styles.less file:

@import (css) "Font-Awesome/css/font-awesome.css";

. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be working as no icon is being displayed next to when I list my projects (see the screenshot below to see what I mean).

If relevant my OS is 64-bit Arch Linux and my Atom version is 1.7.3.

Thanks for your time,


I’m not familiar with project-manager, but have you tried using the Unicode, erm, code?

From the Font Awesome style-sheet:

content: "\f17c";

Are you sure the config doesn’t want to point you to an actual file? In that case, you could still extract the SVG from source.

The portion you’re after:

<glyph unicode="&#xf17c;" … >