How to use html5 FS API in Atom


Hi, I want to use the HTML5 FileSystem API to Read Write File on project.

i don’t want to use the atom io api.

Please. Very urgent.


It might work, but why can’t you use the node fs interface? I’m really curious. I guess I’m saying if you tell us more of what you need we might be able to help more.


I have the cordova project.
it work perfectly on iOS or Android Phone.(Cordova File and transfer Plugin, using Html5 FS API)
but,the developer can’t dev their cordova project on browser

i want to run a cordova project on atom,that i can use cordova fs api(HTML5 fs api) to create or read files


work? how? not sandbox.


Is cordova based project successfully used as Desktop App using Electron?

I also want to prepare desktop app using Electron from Cordova based project (ionic project working fine on Android, iOS and as desktop app using nw.js).

When i tried using Electron, plugins are not being used. Is there any way to include cordova plugins? Also, some js like d3 and c3 are not working (minified versions not working, full version does).

If you can help on this.