How to use git in atom


Dear Atom Team,

I am trying to use git in Atom in Ubuntu, but It seems always not working in Ubuntu.

would you let me, which basis steps (step by step) I have to do in atom editor using github or git+ in Ubuntu.

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If you want to try the GitHub package that comes with Atom by default, our documentation has a walkthrough of the functionality:

Let me know if you have trouble with the GitHub package if you give it a try.


Thanks very much.

I have wrote GitHub: Clone in terminal, but I got error: GitHub:: command not found

can you let me know I can give GitHub: Clone command in atom?

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github:clone is an Atom command, not a shell command. You use it through the Command Palette or through whatever keybinding is assigned to it.


I have given git clone command, but still now It not works …

Error again:

This repository does not have any remotes on Github

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Does it have a remote on GitHub?


I do all the same as

But it still not works…


Does the repo have a remote on GitHub? You can check with the shell command git remote -v.


Dear All,

If I use git commands in terminal, I can solve all problems, add all file to github.

But I only want to use a comfortable atom plug-ins to do this job!

please let me enjoy my work in atom together with github…


If you don’t want to provide us with information to help diagnose the problem, then you are unlikely to receive a solution. git remote -v tells us important information.


Hi Leslie,
I’m still not clear that you are having problems with Atom, but your git concepts might need some clarification.
In general, if you don’t provide specifics, for example, what the command is that is failing, or what the exact error message is, people are going to have a hard time helping you.
All guidelines for writing good bug reports apply to this:

You said that you were following the flight manual, but the link you provided is not a step-by-step, and you are saying that “git clone” is not working, but then you say that you want to add files, which is not a clone operation.

I’m honestly not sure if you can initialize a repo in Atom and if it will also push it up to GitHub automatically. Is that what you are trying to do?

Hope this helps. Reporting back your difficulties and how the Flight Manual let’s you down is a big help to others. Thanks for the time.


Hi ginkgoMZD,

you may see this video :

I used his method for git in github, but this method seems not working!

Atom also has many git plug-ins …



You really aren’t helping anyone help you.

That video looks terrible.
I watched the beginning. I got as far as where he is editing the git config file manually in Atom to add the remote repository on github.
That should work, but it is not the recommended workflow.

I am able to clone a github repo using the github plugin.
I type “git clone” into the command pallette, select “GitHub clone”
…and am then prompted to put in a repo URL.

Note, this did nothing in my open project. It did however clone the repo on my filesystem, which I could then open in Atom.

Do note, for git and github features to work in Atom, the repo must be the top-level folder in your project.

Good luck.



Many thanks for your help

I use your method today, but It doesn’t work, namely:


Unable to clone

I think, Clone from and To directory should be correct.

Thanks for your help again!