How to use files like snippets etc from a different location ,for example dropbox or Google Drive folder?


As the list of snippets etc might grow large and become more and more important, is there a way to open these files on a different location, for example Dropbox?



I symlink my Atom configuration files from a dotfiles Git repository. I know some people did the same with Dropbox.



Thanks for the reply. I’m not really sure how I would have to do this. I have WIndows 8.1, symlinks isn’t that Unix?




I’m pretty sure that @mark_hahn has the right answer for this one.


Windows also has symlinks. The command is mklink but I don’t know about the options. Google is your friend :smile:


I had some problems with some project I had. The data for them were in two different locations, so I need it something that will keep the data in one place and still anable me to work on the projects from the two places with different data. And at the end found these guys and they helped a lot
So if anyone is in the same problem, then just look at this for the answers.


I recommend downloading this microsoft utility. It lets you make a link by simply using junction thisDir thatDir.