How to use custom font? Mine does not register


I have a specific font for the editor that I’d like to use that’s already installed on OS X. However, I can’t seem to get it to work. Is there a length-limit to the font name? My font is called “Perfect DOS VGA 437 Regular”. (I know its long) I had no issues with Sublime in their preferences, is it impossible to do so here though?

I can only upload 1 image since I’m “new”, but the font has already been installed.


The Font Family setting in Atom is loaded directly into font-family in a stylesheet. Can you get your custom font to work in Chrome in CSS? Whatever name that Chrome would match should match in Atom.


To get this to work, you need to declare "Perfect DOS VGA 437". (I tested this out for you.)

I think this CSS declaration fails otherwise is because the font family name ends in a number. Omit Regular – that is not part of the font-family. Make sure you size it at 16 since it is a bitmap font specified to be that exact size.