How to use create new panes by click dragging tabs?


I like to create new panes by clicking on a tab and dragging it to the left, right, up, or down; however, I don’t remember what settings I changed to make it so I can do this. Is this behavior default with atom or is it in a custom package?



If you’re in >=1.9(beta) it is default (and I don’t think there is a setting), otherwise it’s a package. The only package I know of is tabasco. IIRC it’s drop regions are blue not grey, so that may not be it. If you seem to be experiencing the feature on-and-off, it may be because you have beta and 1.8 installed side by side. You will have to figure out what icons/commands open which version and make sure to only open beta.


Oh that makes sense! I forgot I built the beta version a couple weeks ago, thanks @refkotay :smile: