How to use "autocomplete-java-minus" package?


According to the description, I have to create a file named “.classpath” in the project root. How do you do that?


If you’re asking for help with a function of your operating system (creating files), we need to know what operating system you’re running.

  1. Launch Atom with your Java project open
  2. Select File > New File
  3. Select File > Save As ...
  4. Set the file’s name to .classpath


What do I put in that file after doing that?


If the package’s documentation is insufficient for you to understand how it works, you should contact the package’s maintainers and ask for clarification. I can’t tell you anything that wouldn’t be simply me copying and pasting from the


This is really a Java question, not an Atom question. You could look up class paths on your favorite search engine or for more information.