How to use Atom's UI components?



I’ve been looking at styleguide package for Atom. There are a lot of UI components there. Basically, it has everything most of Electron developers would ever need for their potential applications. But I can’t find a documented way of using it. Obviously, Atom team has some toolkit they use throughout the user interface, but it doesn’t seem public.

So is it a good idea to base my application on the same components Atom’s built on top of?


As I mentioned in another recent topic, Electron isn’t compatible with Atom stuff out of the box. You could take a look at the stylesheets and other UI components in Atom and back port them … but Electron is built more as an application framework and less as a UI framework.


Have you taken a look at ? There are several CSS frameworks for Electron but this is the farthest along and was actually used for the Atom editor.



Yes, I’ve seen it. It’s nice and polished, but in my opinion it’s far from being ready for real world apps for now. So far I find angular-material is the most complete solution, but it wasn’t supposed to be used in desktop applications, so it introduces a whole variety of issues.


I don’t believe this part is true. To my knowledge, Bootstrap was used for the Atom editor in the beginning and since then it has been custom built.