How to use atom?


Hi. I’m Abdul. I’m new here. Can any one help me understand atom and its different functionalities. What do we expect from atom ?


That’s a pretty broad question. Have you read the flight manual? It’s at


Yea i did that and i got what you can do with atom . I mean all the tips and tweaks. I wanted to know what makes atom different from the current editors and how powerful it really is ?


I think the main thing that makes Atom different is how easy it is to hack. If you have any web development skills then you are pretty much ready to hack away. This means two things to me. One is that I can hack it to have my long-desired exact feature set. The second is that its library of packages grows fast because of the ease of hacking.

I’m not sure what “powerful” means to you, but if you mean feature set then it is getting more powerful rapidly. It is not powerful in terms of speed and other performance things. But that is worth it for the flexibility.


In addition to @mark_hahn’s correct comments, I’d add that Atom’s integration with Git is about as good as it’s going to “git.” (sorry for the terrible pun) There are some tips on YouTube that may be helpful, but Atom’s pretty straightforward, if you’re used to using an IDE, and the Flight Manual is comprehensive.


While I love the pun, I must disagree. There are still a lot of possible git features missing in Atom, even if you add all the packages in. The IntelliJ editor I used previously integrated better with git. I personally use the command-line for everything. I do appreciate the git coloring of the files though.