How to use Atom to run Protractor Code(Angularjs E2E)


Hi, All i am new to this Atom app can some one guide me how to use this Atom app to run my protractor Code. please don’t hesitate me with this simple question


Atom is an editor, it doesn’t execute code for you out of the box. You may want to take a look at some packages like:

  • build — build your project
  • script — executes scripts in Atom


thank u so much. Is there any other open source free tool for writing and executing the Protractor code. Please dont make this question as not related. i have been searching this for dayss. i have used Webstorm but is license version.


I don’t know. Before you mentioned it, I had never heard of Protractor code.


Ohhh kk lee thank u so much for ur patience