How to use Atom Editor with Python IDLE Shell?


Hopefully I put this in the right place as I imagine a package will be what I need for this.

Now bare with me I’m pretty new to Atom as well as coding in general… I’ve been learning Python and I’m a less than mediocre with it lol

Ok so I really love writing code in Atom. So many cool features and options… however Im not a huge fan of executing/testing code straight in a console window from Atom. The IDLE Shell however is much more informative and interactive. Its pretty nice being able to pull up the directory of a function on the fly. Or being able to quickly check the output of a small line of code. So if you hadnt guessed… is there a way to execute a python script from Atom with the Python IDLE Shell?


And yes, I know I could just open the shell and Atom at the same time and get almost the same effect lol… but I’d really like to be able to directly execute the code in an atom .py file with the IDLE shell.


You should check out hydrogen and see if it does what you want.