How to use API token for updates


At , an API token is listed with the message “You’ll need this token to get automatic updates in Atom and to publish packages to the Atom package registry.”.

Where is this token supposed to be placed in order to get automatic updates? Since automatic updates are already working for me in Atom, I assume by this is meant automatic syncing to packages I star on

Btw, starring would be nice within Atom…


That text is out of date. The token isn’t needed for automatic updates of packages in Atom.


Gotcha, thanks. I do see when I run apm star --installed that I am prompted for the token. I might request that the site not only remove the outdated portion but also mention how this can be used for users (as opposed to only publishers). Thanks!


Please feel free to file an Issue on :grinning:


Thanks for the link to the repo. Added