How to uninstall Atom on Windows


Hey, I’ve decided that I don’t like Atom’s setup and packaging and have bought Sublime. Now I kinda just want to get rid of Atom. I can’t seem to find an uninstaller.


I"m curious. What did you mean by setup and packaging? Are you talking about the install and initial setup? What problems did you have that were severe enough to avoid Atom?


Oh, and to your initial question. How did you install it? If you used the official installer then you just uninstall the same as any other windows app.


It doesn’t obey the Windows program file structure. For Linux I wouldn’t care so much, but for Windows I frequently go into my /Program Files folder and use it for my start screen and whatnot. Also it looks like Chrome and seems to be heavier and slower. It’s just not what I’m looking for in a dev environment.

Also it’s not so much that I hated it. It’s a combination of it came too late and I was sold on Sublime and that the right click menu has Atom’s “open with Atom” option, which isn’t useful if it’s not your primary.


Thanks for the feedback. Come back and try again in 6 months. Atom is changing fast. The installer and speed are both high priorities.


Even after going to uninstall a program and uninstalling that way, all of the program files remain.


How did you install it?


I used the installer off of