How to undo one of multiple cursor?



Sorry if this is a RTFM question but couldn’t find the answer…

When doing a CMD+Click (mac) to activate multiple cursor points in the editor… how do you undo one of those points?

Re-clicking doesn’t remove it - tried a combination of alt, option, whatnot but nothing works… the only option is to start from scratch.

Is there a way to do it? Or can re-clicking be allowed to toggle the cursor on/off?

This question was previously asked here with no answer: Multiple Carets Behavior


So far as I know there isn’t a method of undoing the creation of a new cursor.


Can it be added as upcoming feature?



I’m pretty certain that there is already an enhancement Issue for this on Atom Core, but I can’t find it right now.


Ctrl + U undoes the multi cursor selection done with Ctrl + D


A bit late to the game here, but thanks for this! Surprisingly I couldn’t find this anywhere but here