How to undo [alt gr] + [-]?


Hello folks!

I’m pretty new on Windows, so I’m constantly searching for special characters on my keyboard. Today I discovered the combination [alt gr] + [-], which will decrease the width of the opened tab/window. How can I undo that? [alt gr] + [+] doesn’t do the job…

I also couldn’t find this keyboard shortcut in the menu, which I guess is just a thing in Windows?!

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Please see the FAQ:


Thank you for replying. I’m sorry, I didn’t find that FAQ post, I just searched for that keyboard shortcut.

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(Deleted and rewrited the first post)

Is not possible to repy FAQ post, for this reasson I reply here.

To undo this “issue” the comand is: [alt gr] + [=].

(On the spanish keyboar that is wich i’ve: [alt gr] + [shift]+[0] (to reach the “=”).

To sum up:
[alt gr] + [-]: decrease window.
[alt gr] + [=]: increase window.

(I think this is eassy and faster than the FAQ way).

Sorry for my english, i read it better than i write it xD


Hello, I had same problem and I could fix it closing atom and executing the next comand from a terminal console:

atom --safe --clear-window-state

I home it works for you too