How to underline text and provide tooltip


I searched the docs and Found ToolTipManager. I wasn’t able to understand it because of the lack of examples on that page. I have these questions in mind:

  1. Does Atom provide an API to dotted underline a range of text?
  2. Does it provide an API to add tooltip to it?
  3. Can I use my favorite jQuery tooltip plugin?


For underline, I ended up with this. (It’s a background color, but just change the css and it’s underline)


For tooltips you should look at the atom-linter package. It provides tooltips for decorations.


@leedohm, that’s the first thing I checked mate, but the tooltips are kind of confusing in it, It’d be great to have a minimal gist to understand.


Tooltip found at atom-ide-flow.


Has anybody managed to make use of ToolTipManager?