How to type signs greater than and less than

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If you are writing HTML code this tutorial on html entities will help.

How to type signs greater than and less than
Hi D Thank you so much for your answer.

But I was amazed as I was watching a video where I saw the less than and greater than signs being written directly on the atom application.
¡¡¡¡The person on the video wasn´t writing the characters and simbols or numbers shown on the tutorial you recommended,

Thank you so much for your attention



Possibly some autocomplete package I guess like this.

Hi D

There´s title in the package webpage that says Installation. and there´s also a

label underneath which says “apm install less-than-slash”. I don´t really know

where to go from here in the Atom platform. Could you please tell me what steps should I take in order to write both math simbols as quickly as possible? Writing alpha numerical characters as a substitute seems a very long task as there are too many less than and greater than simbols in any given HTML programm,

Thank you very much for your answer.


I’ve been a bit busy sorting out some package issues after upgrading Atom to latest and greatest.

Now I read your post again and it suggests that you don’t know how to install packages.

I refer you to here for more reading.

In your OS (is it Windows/Linux/Mac) run the command …

apm --help

to see all the options (apm is alias for Atom Package Manager).

Now for the example package above you would type

apm install less-than-slash

and that is it. You need to refresh Atom after installing packages.

You can list the packages installed by running

apm list

It would help if you clarify what end document type you are trying to write. Is it simply HTML? You mention math symbols but are there other more complex symbols you wish to create as in Latex?


[Later edit] I am guessing now (in the absence of information) that you simply need to create HTML code. Your reference to “signs greater than and less than” might just refer to HTML tags.

At the top of this page you can select “Packages” in menu bar.

Search “html” to explore various html generator packages (8000+ to choose from).

Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
Well I came to this Atom page because I´m trying to learn how to create a web page from scratch.
I´m watching a video which uses the Atom platform to teach,
I have never used HTML and CSS before.
As I said earlier the teacher in the video is able to write the symbols less than and greater than very easily but I can´t because I am running the programm on a laptop and I don´t have those symbols in my keyboard.
I think I was able to install the less than symbol correctly because the two buttons uninstall and disable appear on the screen. But I would also like to install the greater than symbol but I can´t find it (The route I used to install the less than symbol is Packages Settings View Install packages)
I would like you to give me a piece of advice on how to learn the basics of HTML and CSS code more effectively. It would imply in my opinion to study an easy tutorial or video that would start from scratch.
Things seem to work very nicely in this page but I might not have the required knowledge to participate in this excellent forum.
Thank you again for your attention.



My advice is try to first learn some HTML + CSS + JS outside Atom since it might cloud your learning when reading other subjects which are not related to your beginner studies.

The w3school link is a good start and there are other HTML oriented learning sites.

Another nice editor for learning is Bluefish editor.

On the other hand if you want to stick with Atom you could write your code in markdown and convert to html. Many different paths.

What keyboard layout are you using? All of my experience is with US English keyboards, which universally have < and > above the , and ..

It may be that a virtual keyboard has to be toggled to show the symbols.

and on clicking the virtual key above Ctrl (in red below) … we see the symbols …

Is it that simple?

Screenshots from Onboard virtual keyboard in Ubuntu.

do you mean like this?


if yes, then this isn’t some special character or keyboard layout.
it’s Fira Code, i’ve been using it for a while and it’s my favorite font for programming. you might want to check it out, it’s pretty neat IMHO.

Thank you so much for your answers.

I´m a beginner. I can´t stop in the small things at the moment