How to turn off the line-length marker?


Currently, Atom draws a line at the “Preferred Line Length.”

Is there a way to turn off that line?

Deleting the line in the middle of the editor

You can add this code to your styles.less file

.editor .wrap-guide {
  background: none;


In the settings, I’ve put a 0 under ‘Preferred Line Length’, and now I don’t see it anymore.


You can also disable the Wrap Guide package, which is the package that does all of this. This would be my preferred method of disabling the line.


LOL, I double checked in my packages settings, and I have that one disabled, I must have done it at the very beginning (I never use wrap guide in editors) :smiley:


Thanks, @leedohm. I wouldn’t thought to just disable the module. That’s a pretty slick way of modifying one’s editor, now that I think about it.


If I set it to 0, it automatically chnages to 1.


Thanks!! That line was driving me crazy ; )


You can set it to 999, or another width that you’ll never experience.

This might break things that depend on the width being within your experience, though.