How to turn off autoupdate (1.1 crashing, 1.0 works- need to stay on 1.0)


This is very annoying- atom is crashing continuously since I upgraded to 1.1. I’ve found that the last 1.0 release is stable so I want to stay on that but every time I install 1.0 it soon updates itself to 1.1 and starts crashing again. Since 1.1 is unusable for me I need a way to turn off the autoupdate until the crash problem is resolved.

Incidentally it does appear that this 1.1 crashing issue is “known” and a fix has been discovered… the problem appears to be the sheer number of files under a node_modules folder that 1.1 can’t handle. It still annoys me that there’s no way to stay on an older version if you want to not live on the “bleeding edge”.


If you build from source, Atom doesn’t auto-update.


Or if you don’t feel like compiling yourself, I believe autoupdate is also disabled in the .zip release.