How to stop settings screen from displaying at each start?


I did some searching and cannot find an intuitive method of disabling the settings screen. Each time I start atom it reopens what I was working on, which is good, would be better if it remembered the line I was on as well, then, it opens the settings screen. Doesn’t matter if I’m on Ubuntu or Windows.

New to Atom, but been a software consultant for 30 years and have not found this answer. Searching in FAQ for “settings” gave me 10 minutes worth of spinning wheel with no response so asking here.


I am not sure if this method counts as intuitive, but if you empty the contents of ~/.atom/storage/ you’ll start with a clean slate. It seems the session storage somehow got corrupted. Atom keeps its state information in ~/.atom/storage/. The application.json file tells Atom which folder to open and an editor-#{hash-of-folder} file stores session information for that folder.

For me it does remember which line I was working on, but only on the active tab it tries to scroll towards the cursor position (but seems to fail). For inactive tabs it does not scroll towards the cursor position at all, but keeps the view at the top of the file. If you enter Editor: Scroll To Cursor in the Command Palette it scrolls to the cursor position.

Sadly, selections aren’t restored properly for me. Opening up an editor-#{hash-of-folder} and beautifying the json to make it readable reveals that it stores a lot, including selections. If I select something in the active tab and restart Atom, I briefly see my selection until Atom is fully loaded and then something makes the selection disappear, putting my cursor at the end of the selection (repeatable in safe mode).



That worked perfectly!