How to start development of package?


I have published three packages and I still can’t get a new one started. I don’t remember if I did anything special before but then I forget to put on pants in the morning.

I used the Generate Package command and edited the files properly. I did a reload and my package doesn’t appear in my list of packages. I know there is supposed to be a symlink in my home packages folder but there isn’t. How do I get this magic to happen?

Edit: I’m on windows 8.0 and atom 122.


I fixed it by manually creating the symlink but I definitely didn’t have to do this before.

mklink /j "C:\Users\Administrator\.atom\packages\scroll-sync" c:\apps\scroll-sync


Yeah I don’t usually have to with the generate package thing on the mac.

There is also:

apm link


apm links

to list them all.