How to start a clean Atom instance?


How to launch Atom without loading any community package/theme and personal config/script/keymap/stylesheet/snippet? Just like emacs -Q/vim -u NONE/nano -I.

The closest thing I can find is atom --safe, but Atom still loads a lot of files from my ~/.atom/ even after adding this option. The only thing this option does is not to load packages from ~/.atom/packages and ~/.atom/dev/packages.

(I have searched the web and read the FAQ but didn’t get anything that looked promising.)


If you want absolutely no customizations at all, then you can always mv ~/.atom ~/.atom-backup and then launch Atom.

Actually, it also skips the loading of your and only uses built-in themes. But you’re right, it still loads your keymap, your individual stylesheet and your snippets. On the other hand, those are rarely sources of major issues … so Safe Mode is pretty safe.


Thanks for your attention.

I’d like to run multiple instances of Atom (customized version and “clean” version) simultaneously, and Atom will create a new ~/.atom after I run mv ~/.atom ~/.atom-backup. I have to remove the new ~/.atom and restore the new one after closing the “clean” version of Atom, which (IMHO) is quite inconvenient, although I can write a script to automate the tasks.


Well, even so, Atom is designed to automatically detect changes to the configuration files and load them. So as soon as you put the non-clean Atom directory back, the clean session won’t be clean anymore. It won’t load the packages automatically, but the snippets, the styles, the config.cson will all be loaded.

So if you want a 100% clean mode that stays 100% clean, that is going to require a code change.


I see. Thanks for your reply.