How to specify the node version which atom uses?


I find that atom will always use the node-v0.11.10 when open Atom with $ atom , but can I use an older version of Node? you know, most of people use 0.10.x

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Why do you need this feature? I can’t think of a single valid use case for this.
Also, this would definitely lead to unnecessary issues arising from packages depending on features only available in a certain version of Node.js, and similar.


Thanks for your reply. I’m working on a package, and there’s a important dependency package which doesn’t support node-v0.11.x for now. So I want to find a way to specify the node version of atom.


My point exactly; how would you expect this to work alongside other packages? Perhaps they require the version bundled with Atom? A single version for a particular version of Atom is the only sensible choice. At least that’s my opinion.

As for your problem, fork the dependency and make it work on v0.11.x?


Yeah, I tried to fork the dependency and let it support v0.11.x, but because I’m new to node, so it’s not easy to do this :frowning:

btw, the dependency is and it has too much native code.