How to specify that "tab and enter" for autocomplete-plus doesn't work with this language


As someone writing a language plugin, how can I specify that “tab and enter” for autocomplete-plus doesn’t work with this language? For some languages like Python, Lua, Basic and others where a potentially auto-completable item can end the line (because there is no semicolon after a statement) “tab and enter” simply plain doesn’t work and leads to endless user frustration and should really be always treated as “tab always, enter when suggestion explicitly selected”.

Is there anything I can add to my language package that this is the case for my particular language? Otherwise, people using Atom with this language with out-of-the-box defaults who are new to both Atom and the language are gonna have an inevitable bad time and that sucks for both the Atom community and the language community.

Edit: my package uses a language server and therefore is meant to be used with atom-ide-ui - so the autocompletion is definitely gonna do stuff and potentially interfere with the typing with the “tab and enter” default.