How to solve this issue?


okay… you are not looking for a preview but rather indenting or formatting.
See if this helps…

Also consider having the HTML saved with the right file extension.

If you paste your code here, I will have something to play with. You can add code here by putting x3 back quote characters ``` before and after your code:
{the code}



Thank’s a lot :slight_smile:


Great visual. What app did you use to create the arrows and content?



Thanks for the compliment. Your question is most welcome. The answer is however not mystical. Do you want the long answer or the short answer?

short answer

It is no big secret - I use PaintDotNet for making images in Windows. If you have specific questions on how the particular image was created - please feel free to ask.


The owner of the application (~7MB), Mr. Brewster, previously worked for Microsoft. He has done a very brilliant job at demonstrating to us what can be done with the DotNet framework. And then he allows us to use it for fee. However… please consider making a donation.

Not only is the install footprint small and it is free, it has the ability to use layers.

exit note

Other free image creation packages to look at…

  • Gimp
  • Inkscape

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