How to solve this issue?


If i click ctrl+shift+m then my html snippets goes to this way :frowning:


Keybindling is ok but its not working.


Is there anything else bound to ctrl-shift-M?


Actually i don’t understand what are you saying.


Search the keybindings for ctrl-shift-M.


Its indicating Markdown Preview that’s my reply.


Walk me through the problem. How are markdown-preview and your HTML snippets connected to each other?


When i input ctrl-shift-m for viewing markdown preview then HTML snippets goes to this style :frowning:


That is the main problem! 2 commands there but working only merge lines. How to edit?


Edited emmet.cson but still showing 2 commands in Keybinding.!


ctrl-. (control and dot) will show which commands are executed as you press the shortcut. You can comment out the line code you marked with # and see if this helps you.

More… consider binding the function to another key.


“#” Its solved now :slight_smile: Next question how to solve merged code?


Hello. I am not sure what you did. Maybe show a picture?

Also… you need to restart Atom for the changes to function. Press ctrl-shift-f5 (Windows) or close-and-reopen Atom.

Is this emmit a user installed package? How about just deactivating this from the setting ctrl-,. Alternatively edit the emmit package to use another keybinding. Do remember - you need to restart Atom to make it work.

Alternative to all this… make another keybinding for what you want to use. Do you know how to do that?


Your 1st way(#) works good. But plz tell me 2nd way and however can i solve current merge code with proper wrapping??


To make the markdown preview available on another key combination:



Not only helpful its super helpful :slight_smile:
Now how to resolve this code settings?


Glad it was helpful. :smile:

To your actual problem… please spell it out - be specific to a guy who knows almost nothing of HTLM… what is your issue? Do you want to preview the code? …or?


Yes preview.



Did you try searching the packages for such functionality?
Go to the Settings > Install and search for “preview html” or something like that.

Atom does not come pre-installed with such function. Markdown is not pure html either.

script package may also be of help.


Late addition: Perhaps…


I need to go this shape. When i’m coding here its fine.