How to show loading panel


How to show loading panel…I mean the view part of it…html element/stylesheet…

Simple package synchronization across devices for Atom

Do you mean showing a panel from your package? What are you loading that takes so long?

Anyway, use the package-generator and the sample package brings up a panel. Just show whatever you want in the panel. Maybe an animated GIF?


I want that to be on the center and the style guide shows… to use

<span class='loading loading-spinner-large inline-block'></span>


What is the parent element of the loading spinner? You could center it using Flexbox like this:

<div class="loading-wrapper">
  <span class='loading loading-spinner-large inline-block'></span>
.loading-wrapper {
  display: flex;

.loading {
  margin: auto;


Thanks…It is useful.