How to show 'formatted text' on one page? Here's an example:


And do you expect a piece of software to be able to have its behavior completely changed with no coding experience required? Most applications will not allow the sort of adaptability Atom has, and those that do allow it frequently require plugin developers to know languages like C++ and Java.

this seems to be something that you actually use to build into a site, im going to dl it and see if it actually works as regular editor after downloading it since you had mentioned in early on

Of course it’s something that you build into a site. You weren’t asking for a stand-alone rich-text editor. You were asking for a way to include a rich-text editor inside Atom. Since Atom is basically a web site hosted on your computer, any package that will work in Chrome and Node will be usable in Atom. You just have to know JavaScript.

nope dl button doesnt download it like every other site out there, instead lots of clicks to go some weird file names, and cant even download

The download button goes to a page that offers instructions for getting the file in a wide variety of ways. If you aren’t putting it in a web site, don’t pay attention to the CDN instructions. You do want to make it into an Atom package, so you do need to read the NPM instruction, but first you need to learn about how Node works.

it seems that you dont appreciate how hard this all is

You have just bitten off more than you can chew. Since you like analogies, try this one: you haven’t started crawling yet, but you saw somebody running, and now you aren’t happy with anything less than completing your first marathon. But until you get to the point where you can run confidently, you have to start below your ambitions. And you can’t get mad at the sidewalk for hurting your feet, because it’s partially that the sidewalk is hard, but also partially that your feet are inexperienced. For experienced feet, the hard sidewalk is useful and gets you places efficiently.

Three words: it was hell.

That specific comment is regarding the implementation of the rich-text editor in HTML in the first place. But you don’t have to rewrite CKEditor, or Quill. All you would have to do is take the code from your preferred editor and plug it into Atom using Atom’s existing package API, and that’s not a marathon task. That’s at best a charity fun run, or maybe an extended power walk. Atom has documentation that will help you every step of the way, but it won’t tell you what to do. It will tell you what tools are available, and if you are creative and enterprising enough, you can make Atom do what you want.


is there nothing in atom like this

screenshots on that page

this is not perfect ‘rich text’ or w/e regular text is called, but it’s very close

trying to setup something that’s really good for taking notes/info – currently still using onenote but it has really bad search, not more targeted search

now that i think about it, that extension doesnt do color, it’s just bolds… well for note taking i guess color could be an optional thing… color is very helpful/useful tho

Live preview like in Bracket
Is Atom a Text Editor?

for quill, on this topic, i believe the important part was missed; if something is claimed as fact, as was done on the initial onset of quill (when the comment was in actuality a highly biased opinion), it should be verified before such claims are suggested or recommended or advised,

esp to those that have no idea about any of this.

quill appears to be something used as part of a site, and if so is entirely irrelevant to the goal this post was purposed for. this quill link was found very early on between the time of quill was mentioned to my subsequent reply


Exactly the opposite. You forget that Atom is a web site. Electron is Chrome with Node attached to it, and every Electron application is built in the exact same way as a web site, with HTML and JS. The reason Quill is potentially compatible with Atom is because Quill is meant to be integrated into web sites.


premises first, not conclusion first (cos it doesnt make any sense to anyone in this universe & lifetime)

  1. electron = chrome + node attached

  2. apps using ‘electron’ = built like a site (with html + js)

  3. atom = uses electron

  4. atom, thus = built like a site (with html + js)

  5. quill = meant to be integrated in sites

  6. quill has a 33% chance of working even tho it’ super complex for pretty much everyone

  7. there’s much better options for the need, but instead, linking to quill (someething that nobody in this universe & lifetime would understand)

  8. but hey, at least now a tiny bit of basics about atom is documented in a good way for once in only 8-points on this entire Web in 2018


Are there better options? I just did a quick Google search and linked to the first open-source project that would accomplish the stated objective.

but hey, at least now a tiny bit of basics about atom is documented in a good way for once

You deny the existence of many people who have found the documentation to be at least sufficient?