How to show docs/source for a given atom function?


In emacs, I can type C-h f <some-function> and a window will be displayed with function documentation and links to the source code. Similarly, C-h v <some-var> for documented variables. Is there a way to do this with atom?

I recently wanted to modify the behavior of one of the “Open on Github” functions and being able to jump directly to the source rather than hunting for the source files in the atom distribution would help lower the barrier of entry for contribution. Self-documentation has been touted as one of emacs’ greatest features, so I think it would be worth thinking about in atom.


There isn’t a way to open the documentation for commands in Atom and even if there were, to my knowledge, most of them aren’t documented. But, you can open the source itself for any of the installed packages:

Just open the Settings Cmd+, and find the package in the list, then click the “Open in Atom” button to open the source for that package.


Ah yes. Not quite as convenient as my old buddy emacs but that works. Thanks!