How to setting the frameless window's border, padding, margin to be 0


By default, there is still padding between the body content and the window.


A screenshot might be helpful. It is hard to understand what you are talking about.


Without a screenshot, my guess is that you are having issues with the page body’s default padding being about 10px.

Simply add these styles to the HTML file you are opening:

    body, html {
        margin: 0px;
        padding: 0px;

Hopefully that will be of use to you. If not, could you please provide a screenshot or reproducable test case for us to help you out with?


as mentioned by @Tribex that could be the actual styling that the webview is using, and resetting the body’s margin and padding should sort that out. I normally use normalise.css that sets most things to a point: download this and use this and you should see the spacing removed.

You might how ever see there is a gap between

tags, simply change the p tags margins and paddings as well.

hope this helps