How to setting ATOM with laravel + React Native js for mobile simulator?


Hi guys…i am new in atom and i can find any video to set laravel and react native with mobile simulator…please any link with videos or text fo help…??? :sob:


Are you asking whether there are packages to support those tools?


Yes…thanks for responde…i have install mobile-preview packet but its not open…!


and how update the files inside the tree…??? maybe he want to download some files…???




Based on the error message, I thought that the package had a bug in it. But then when I went to the package’s repo, I discovered that it hadn’t been updated in nearly three years. That package is way out of date and you shouldn’t use it.

how update the files inside the tree

If you’re talking about the tree-view display on the left, that is a display of the folders you have open in Atom. It will change if the files in those folders change.