How to set the location of local storage etc


I noticed that all my Atom shell apps share the same location for local storage etc. The path seems to be C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Atom-Shell.

Is there any way to set this location for an app? I would expect the application name to be used as last segment of the path.

When I start multiple atom apps, I think I run into issues because of that:

[3960:1118/] Renderer process started
[5852:1118/] Unable to move the cache: 5
[5852:1118/] Unable to move cache folder C:\Users\bpasero\AppData\Roaming\Atom-Shell\GPUCache to C:\Users\bpasero\AppData\Roaming\Atom-Shell\old_GPUCache_000 [5852:1118/] Unable to create cache
[5852:1118/] Shader Cache Creation failed: -2