How to select 'C' brace style?


Is it possible to specify the ‘C’ brace style (K&R / gnu / BSD etc) used by Atom when it auto-indents code?


Not at this time, no.



A long time has passed since this question was answered.

Is there still no way to choose your bracing format? I’m new to Atom, but I did spend a good deal of time looking around in the app and here in the forum, and I’m amazed (appalled?) that I haven’t found anything.


Not at this time built in to Atom, no. Though there are a number of beautification packages that may offer various things.


That’s really disappointing, but thanks for your quick response.

I’m still exploring the editor, various packages, etc. I’m not interested in something that requires me to select code and then trigger an action just to maintain a reasonable formatting style, and it’s really frustrating to “fight” with an editor constantly, deleting and adjusting the “auto-help” it provides. I was hoping (still hoping) that this editor is hackable-enough to work around these problems, but I can see it’s going to take some time to get up to speed. (looking into language-snippets now)