How to see which installed packages affect a certain grammar or scope?


For example, how do I see packages that relate to the JavaScript grammar?


In what context? Are you looking for packages to install?


Suppose I am researching what plugins are affecting my files, perhaps trying to debug some behavior. I’d like to know, for example, which plugins are doing something if the current file is of certain scope or grammar.

In my case, I have a lot of plugins, so I wanted to figure out which plugin was doing something to my files. Eventually I found it by turning of plugins one by one (making educated guesses about which plugins to disable), but knowing which plugins affect the current grammar or scope could’ve been useful too.

I updated the title to better reflect this.

But it could also be interesting to search for new packages by scope or grammar.


Atom doesn’t have a method for us to find out from it which packages are doing things. You can potentially find packages that affect specific files based on their grammar by searching your .atom/packages/ folder for code containing stuff like the TextEditor method getGrammar(). If a package doesn’t use that, then it likely doesn’t have the ability to discriminate and should apply to any file.