How to see in Atom the output of your code real-time?


Hi All,

quick question: I’d like to see in Atom ongoing in separate window the output of my code (e.g. print(“string”) function output in Python). Any guidance please how to configure it?



If you want to see the output of your code in a separate window, you could open a terminal window and execute your code there? The packages that allow for executing code and seeing its output that I know of are designed to display the output in the same window.


Hi leedohm,

thx, but it looks like I wasn’t descriptive enough:

Terminal window meets the need, however as I installed it in Atom, it requires to execute the file in it each time I want to see the output.

The final goal is to reach the output as on the screenshoot below:

I cannot make the Atom to look this way, tht each time I write the code the output is shown as above.

Scrshoot is from some tutorial.

Any hint please how to reach that?


They aren’t doing anything different. When they finish writing code, they run it just like you do.


I hate for a separate window to popup for output. The tooltip style is convenient to quickly show output right after you type code. Do atom have this kind of feature?

Is there any package to "show result in tooltip" feature?

Atom does not concern itself with executing code. The hydrogen package, however, harnesses Jupyter kernels and displays its results in the document itself, not as tooltips, but inserted between code blocks.